About Turtleback

There's been a rapid growth in number of people who take pictures with the iPhone. With the improved camera functions, the iPhone4 became a strong competitor in the compact digital camera market. The idea of using the iPhone as a camera is not only attractive, because of its great camera functions, but it also has a wide variety of applications available on the App Store to further the photo/video taking experience.

However, there are limitations to the iPhone itself. Neither does it have a tripod mount, nor does it come with a mount for attaching conventional conversion lenses.

This is where Turtleback comes in. We have designed a jacket that would allow iPhone users to mount the iPhone on a tripod and attach conversion lenses to it. By using the Turtleback jacket you could utilize the numerous conversion lenses that you've bought to use with your camcorder and you'll also be able to mount your iPhone on a tripod. Imagine the pictures you'll be able to take on your iPhone with such enhancements that you weren't able to by using just the iPhone.

We are, and will be, striving to create products that would bring you new picture/video taking experiences on the iPhone. We hope that you enjoy our current line of products and the products that are to come.