What is DOF?

You've seen those pictures and scenes from a movie where the actor is really sharp and in focus but the background is blurred.

To put it simply, DOF would mean what is in focus and what isn't. It is determined by the distance between the camera and the subject, the lens f- number (aperture), and the image sensor format.

Notice the picture below. The crab closest to the camera is in focus and stands out from the background while everything else is not in focus. You also notice that the further away the subject is from the field of focus, the more blurred they look.

What is Turtleback DOF Adapter?

You've tried taking pictures on your iPhone. Then you take pictures with your DSLR camera. Something is different about the pictures you take on your DSLR that your iPhone can't. You think "it must be the quality of the image", and that "the lens on my DSLR is much better than that of the iPhone".

You're right!

But there is something really different about the pictures you've taken on the DSLR. The background is out of focus and the subject in focus, the subject comes out. On the iPhone, everything is in focus and the subject doesn't come out. This is because the iPhone camera has a wider depth of field.

Turtleback DOF adapter allows your iPhone to shoot with an SLR lens to get that narrower depth of field.

How does the Turtleback DOF Adapter Work?

In order to take photo or video with a good shallow depth of field, you need a camera with a large image sensor. Normal camcorders, compact digital cameras, and of course iPhone, which has small image sensor, aren't able to shoot with a shallow depth of field. However, by using the DOF adapter, it is possible.

As explained in the video above, the DOF adapter is a tube with a focusing screen (a screen in which the image coming through from the lens is projected on to) connected to the iPhone via 35mm threading. The iPhone camera shoots the image that is projected onto the focusing screen. As a result of this design you lose the sharpness and the accuracy of the color. However, as you could see from the sample image of the Shanghai crab, the focus is only on the crab in the front, the DOF adapter allows the iPhone to shoot with a shallow depth of field.

What App should I use to shoot with my Turtleback DOF Adapter?

So you've bought the TurtleJacket and the Turtleback DOF Adapter and you've already attached your SLR lens.
You notice that

- your image is upside down
- your image won't focus
- it's not easy to use


We've developed an easy to use app for the DOF Adapter called the Turtlehead. It is a FREE app.

For a more advanced users, there is an excellent app called the almostDSLR. Download it from the Apple Appstore.



Turtleback DOF users, please try out our App!

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almost DSLR, the go to app for DOF users!

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